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Italian Diablo Sauce (SPICY)

Italian Diablo Sauce (SPICY)

Introducing "Italian Diablo Sauce" (SPICY version), this new hot sauce is perfect! Made with fried Italian long hot peppers, garlic and other spices. This sauce is not only just as delicious as our mild version but adds an additional kick of heat. It's great on roast pork sandwiches, cheesesteaks, pizza, burgers, and almost anything else you can think of.


So what are you waiting for? Try "Italian Diablo Sauce" today and see for yourself how delicious it is!


Here are some specific ways to use "Italian Diablo Sauce":


 Roast pork sandwiches: Drizzle it over a roast pork sandwich for a delicious and spicy topping.


Cheesesteaks: Add it to your favorite cheesesteak fillings for a spicy and satisfying meal.


 Pizza: Drizzle it over a slice of pizza for a delicious and spicy topping.


 Burgers: Add it to your favorite burger toppings for a spicy and flavorful burger.


Other foods: "Italian Diablo Sauce" can also be used on a variety of other foods, such as eggs, tacos, and salads. Experiment to find your favorite way to enjoy it!


"Italian Diablo Sauce" is the perfect way to add heat and flavor to your favorite dishes. Try it today and see for yourself how delicious it is!


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