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The heat of a pepper can vary naturally for a number of reasons, including:
• The age of the pepper. Peppers tend to get hotter as they ripen. For example, a green jalapeño pepper will be milder than a red jalapeño pepper.
• The growing conditions. The climate, soil, and amount of sunlight a pepper plant receives can all affect the heat of the peppers it produces. For example, peppers grown in a hot, dry climate will tend to be hotter than peppers grown in a cooler, wetter climate.
• The stress level of the plant. Pepper plants that are stressed, such as by drought or pests, may produce hotter peppers.
• Genetics. The genetics of the pepper plant can also play a role in its heat level. Some pepper plants are simply genetically predisposed to produce hotter peppers than others.

It is important to note that these are just general trends, and there is always some variation in the heat of peppers from one plant to another.


Natural spice rubs are made up of different ingredients, including spices, herbs, salt, and sugar. These ingredients can cake up for a number of reasons, including:• Moisture: Moisture is the enemy of spice rubs. If the rub gets wet, it will start to clump together. This can happen if the rub is exposed to humidity or if it is not stored properly.• Heat: Heat can also cause spice rubs to cake up. If the rub is exposed to high temperatures, the moisture in the ingredients will evaporate, causing the rub to become dry and crumbly.• Oxygen: Oxygen can also cause spice rubs to oxidize, which can make them lose their flavor and color. To prevent this, it is important to store spice rubs in a cool, dark place.If your spice rub has caked up, there are a few things you can do to fix it. First, try to break up the clumps with your fingers or a utensil. Finally, store the rub in a cool, dark place to prevent it from happening again.Here are some tips for preventing spice rubs from cakeing up:• Store the rub in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.• Avoid exposing the rub to moisture or heat.• Use the rub within a few months of opening it.By following these tips, you can keep your spice rubs fresh and flavorful for months to come.

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