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Imagine biting into some juicy, tender pork ribs that have been rubbed with a smoky, flavorful spice blend. The meat is so tender that it practically falls off the bone. The first thing you'll taste is the sweet and savory flavors of brown sugar and garlic powder, followed by the deep, smoky flavor this rub creates.


When you combine all of these flavors together, you get a delicious, barbecue rub that is perfect for pork. So next time you're grilling, smoking, or roasting pork, be sure to use this rub for the best flavor possible.


This rub is perfect for pork ribs, pork shoulder, or even pork chops. It's also great for use on chicken, beef, or even vegetables.


Here are some recipes that you can use this rub with:


• Pork ribs


• Pork shoulder


• Pork chops


• Chicken


• Beef


• Vegetables


I hope you enjoy this smokey barbecue pork rub!

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